Not Buying It

Not Buying It

March 8, 2016 | 288 pages

Parents will do just about anything to give their kids the best shot at good lives. Marketers know this--and use it to manipulate parents into buying millions of dollars worth of unnecessary products each year. Enough is enough. InNot Buying It, Brett Graff, the "Home Economist,” separates the truth about what parents need in order to raise their kids to succeed from the fiction. In this bold takedown of predatory marketing, Brett shows how parents can save over a million dollars by investing the money they would otherwise spend on overpriced and unnecessary purchases for their kids. Plus, Graff exposes the many ways that overspending can actually harm kids by encouraging narcissism and unhealthy habits. Her tips range from the everyday (go for the functional stroller, not the one with an onboard cell-phone charger) to the long-term (don’t waste thousands on private school if public school will do just fine), making this a valuable manual for all stages of a parent’s life. An essential book both for new parents and veterans ,Not Buying It, is the definitive guide for moms and dads who have had enough of dishonest marketing--and just won’t buy it any longer.

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ISBN: 9781580055918

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