No One Does It Like You  

No One Does It Like You
Workman Publishing | April 2, 2019 | 160 pages

In a world that demands so much from women, every hour of every day, affirmations are a powerful part of self-care, a way of strengthening the self, quieting the noise, and finding inner peace. They are simple but potent words that, when spoken with intention as a daily practice, help us become our strongest, kindest, most real, and most comfortably imperfect selves. The eloquent affirmations and vibrant illustrations of No One Does It Like You combine in a fresh, timely way to bring a needed message to millennial women, a way that is wise, beautiful, surprising, and never saccharine or preachy. The language is singular, personal, memorable: Regard yourself as the moon; wash everything in your light. • When you’re tempted to say “I don’t know,” consider that you do, and try that instead. • Gild the Kingdom of your brain; Keep researching • You can be true evidence of goodness for others. And the art, filled with characters that every reader will relate to, sets the affirmations in a real moment, reinforcing the idea that this is a book to celebrate everything that makes us us—and the message that you, the reader, are not alone.

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ISBN: 9781523505319