My Map Book  

My Map Book
HarperCollins | June 4, 2019 | 32 pages

Experience a child’s view of the world in this extraordinarily imaginative picture book about maps—now with a fresh new cover look! "An imaginative, child-centered title that should be examined and enjoyed, and one that will also make a wonderful springboard for teachers introducing the concepts of mapping or autobiography," said School Library Journal. In each spread of this bold and humorous picture book, children can examine their place in the world around them through detailed and engaging maps that are drawn from a child's perspective. Twelve beautifully illustrated maps, such as Map of My Day and Map of My Family, will fascinate children, teaching about both mapping and telling one's story. Perfect for the curious and artsy, these maps are a creative introduction to recording, mapping, and adding a unique touch to the environment. When finished reading the book, children can unfold the jacket—it turns into a poster-size map for them to use for drawing and creating.

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ISBN: 9780062898876