My Breasts, My Choice

My Breasts, My Choice

Sumach Pr | April 17, 2003 | 172 pages

How can breast and chest surgery redefine one's body? How do these surgical procedures affect someone's health -- or their sense of self? "My Breasts, My Choice" answers these questions with moving personal stories, thoughtful, artistic photography and well-chosen medical information. A range of those affected, from cancer survivors to those who have had breast reduction surgery to transgendered persons, share their experiences, their words grounded by Betsy Carey's finely nuanced photographic record of the effect of the surgeries on their bodies. The invaluable insights provided by these accounts are followed with practical medical information. Topics from yoga to surgical aftercare are discussed, with careful attention given as well to alternatives to traditional western medical practices. The book celebrates the tensions and the joys of making body-positive choices in all their diverse forms when dealing with issues surrounding breast and chest surgeries.

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ISBN: 9781894549233

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