My Beautiful Birds

My Beautiful Birds

March 1, 2017 | 32 pages

When Sami and his family escape Syria as refugees they must leave their home behind, including Sami's beloved pigeons. Though Sami's father assures him that his birds escaped too, Sami can't help but miss them... and remember. As he settles into the safety and routine of the refugee camp, Sami finds it hard to enjoy playing with the other children and doing schoolwork again. But before long he finds hope and comfort in the bright blue sky above the desert, just like the sky from home. There are new birds in this sky, too, and caring for them might just be the labour of love Sami needs to feel at home.The award-winning illustrator of Sky Pig and Skink on the Brink, Suzanne Del Rizzo, makes her debut as an author with this timely and important picture book, featuring her signature Plasticine-and-found-object illustrations. My Beautiful Birds offers a sensitive and realistic portrayal of a child coping with trauma and grief. Sami's story and the book's appealing design will resonate with young readers and offer an opportunity for parents and educators to talk about the struggles of refugees past and present, and the importance of empathy within the global community.

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ISBN: 9781772780109

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