Migrating Texts and Traditions

Migrating Texts and Traditions

December 15, 2012 | 400 pages

Philosophy is deeply influenced by the culture in which it is developed: classical Greek culture inspired Greek philosophy, Christianity influenced medieval Western philosophy, Asian culture shaped Buddhism and Confucianism. Even today, philosophical approaches such as postmodernism and conceptual analysis continue to bear the marks of the cultures in which they were first articulated. Yet many philosophical texts and traditions have been introduced into contexts very different from their cultures of origin – through war and colonialization, through religion and missionary activity, and through commercial relations and globalization. We see this where European philosophies have been introduced into non-European cultures and traditions – in Africa, in the Indian subcontinent, and in China and Japan – but also in the introduction of Asian philosophies into cultures and traditions in North America and Europe. This volume examines the phenomenon of the “migration” of philosophical texts and traditions from their cultures of origin, identifies places where new texts and traditions have been introduced – where migration has succeeded, but also where it has not – and discusses what is presupposed in introducing a text or a tradition into another intellectual culture.

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ISBN: 9780776607078

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