Little Rabbit Lost  

Little Rabbit Lost
Little Rabbit | February 1, 2019 | 32 pages

It is Little Rabbit?s birthday and his family surprises him with wrapped presents and a special trip to Rabbit World Theme Park. Mama Rabbit packs a special birthday picnic and the family sets off for the amusement park with Little Rabbit and his red balloon leading the way. Little Rabbit is excited by the noise, color, and crowded activity of the park. He insists he is a big rabbit now and ignores his parents? warnings to stay close. But when he suddenly finds himself all alone, he doesn?t feel quite so grown up anymore. Harry Horse?s colorful and buoyant illustrations vividly depict Little Rabbit?s growing excitement and bring to life the infectious atmosphere of the amusement park. Readers will cheer Little Rabbit?s triumphant reunion with his beloved family and will identify easily with the young character?s conflicting desire for independence and his need of loving supervision. For more on this title, visit the Little Rabbit website here.

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ISBN: 9781682631072

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