Letting It Go

Letting It Go

Drawn and Quarterly | February 19, 2013 | 160 pages

A Holocaust survivor struggles to let the past go Miriam Katin’s debut graphic novel, the 2006 memoir We Are On Our Own, was a unique portrait of how one family survived World War II. A companion to We Are On Our Own, Letting It Go shows Katin, now an adult, dealing with her son Ilan’s recent move to Berlin. As she struggles to accept his decision, she realizes that her hesitations have more to do with long-held grudges than any sort of legitimate concern. Whereas We Are On Our Own probed Katin’s loss of faith and talked about her experiences during the war, Letting It Go examines the lasting trauma of surviving World War II from a very different vantage point, focusing on her life as a middle-aged New Yorker. The flowing, expressive style employed in We Are On Our Own has been refined in this full-color masterpiece. A panel-less style lets the story find a natural rhythm, with wise and funny anecdotes along the way. Katin has the light hand of a master storyteller in this, an insightful and serious but also wry account of the myriad ways trauma infects daily existence, both for survivors and for their families.

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ISBN: 9781770461031

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