Learning to Like Muktuk

Learning to Like Muktuk

November 1, 2014 | 192 pages

When Penelope Easton, a Second World War veteran with a Masters in Public Health, embarked on a journey to post-war territorial Alaska to serve as a dietitian for the Alaskan Health Department, she could not anticipate the stricken conditions she would find. Fascinated by the glorious and unique foods of indigenous Alaskans, such as muktuk - strips of whale skin and blubber - she took every opportunity to learn about Native Alaskan peoples and their food culture. Easton's memoirs convey a new perspective on the interactions of Native and non-Native groups at a critical point in Alaska's history. Learning to Like Muktuk will enthrall readers interested in food, the North's territorial history, and adventure.

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ISBN: 9780870717581

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