It's Called Polyamory  

It's Called Polyamory
Thorntree Press | September 1, 2017 | 208 pages

So, the time has come to tell your friends and family about your preference for nonmonogamy. You're on the cusp of self-liberation--so why does it feel like you're about to confess to some sinister transgression? Even in progressive families and communities, people who practice nonmonogamy are susceptible to misinformation and accusations of moral and emotional failings. Facing this requires its own coming out and education process. Let this book be your roadmap for explaining the expansive intricacies of the consensual nonmonogamy spectrum. Tamara Pincus fuses personal experience and community research to break down the various incarnations of polyamorous relationship structures, polyamory's intersections with race and gender, and the seemingly esoteric jargon of the lifestyle. If you absolutely have to explain what a "unicorn hunter" is to your auntie, Tamara has you covered. "Can poly people raise children? Can they live normal, healthy lives?" Such myths are eloquently dispelled, and the real dangers of being out as poly in a monogamy-centered society are laid bare.

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ISBN: 9781944934422