The Islamophobia Industry

The Islamophobia Industry

Pluto Press | September 18, 2012 | 208 pages

The Islamophobia Industry reflects the rising tide of anti-Muslim feeling sweeping through the United States and Europe. Lean takes us inside the minds of the manufacturers of Islamophobia – a highly-organized enterprise of conservative bloggers, right-wing talk show hosts, evangelical religious leaders, and politicians, united in their quest to exhume the ghosts of September 11th and convince their compatriots that Islam is the enemy. Lean uncovers their scare tactics, reveals their motives, and exposes the ideologies that drive their propaganda machine. Situating Islamophobia within a long history of national and international phobias, The Islamophobia Industry unravels the narrative of fear that has long dominated discussions about Muslims and Islam.

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ISBN: 9780745332536

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