Interview You: Who Do You Think You Are?

Interview You: Who Do You Think You Are?

Carpet Bombing Culture | August 15, 2016 | 128 pages

Don t wait to be discovered. Discover yourself. Inside you ll find - the real you. Go on an adventure of self-discovery with this feast of fun and fascinating questions, tests, games, quizzes and tips to help you uncover the superstar within. Unleash your hidden legend and fast track yourself all the way to that hour long world exclusive interview on Oprah s / Tamar s / Ellen s (delete as applicable) couch. How in the heck is anyone going to discover you until you discover yourself? Discover who you really are. Interview You is an interactive book full of questions for you to ask yourself to help you discover the real you. Inside you ll find... Personality tests & quizzes Games & random ideas Revealing questions Funny chat"

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ISBN: 9781908211439

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