February 21, 2020 | 188 pages

This book is about the Dakota leader, Inkpaduta, who had the reputation of being the most brutal of all the Sioux leaders because of the attack that he helped orchestrate known as the Spirit Lake Massacre. The author challenges a century and a half of bias to reassess the life and legacy of this important Dakota leader. Using journals, Indian agents' correspondences, and other sources, he has determined that Inkpaduta was a dedicated family man and tribal leader who got along reasonably well with the whites for most his life. Beck reexamines Euro-American attitudes toward Indians and the stereo-types that shaped 19th century writing, showing how they persisted in portrayals of Inkpaduta well into the 20th century. This book shatters the myths that surrounded Inkpaduta for too long and provides the most extensive reassessment of this leader's life to date.

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ISBN: 9780806139500