In Defence of Democracy  

In Defence of Democracy
Polity | October 28, 2019 | 216 pages

Should Brexit or the election of Trump cause us to doubt our faith in democracy? Are ‘the people’ too ignorant or stupid to rule? Numerous commentators are beginning to seriously argue that the answer to these questions might be ‘yes’. In this humorous, take-no-prisoners book, Canadian-Irish author Roslyn Fuller kicks these anti-democrats where it hurts the most – the facts. Fuller shows how many academics, journalists, politicians and businesspeople have embraced the idea that there can be ‘too much democracy’, and deftly unravels their attempts to end majority rule, whether that be through limiting the franchise, pursuing Chinese ‘meritocracy’ or confining participation to random legislation panels. She shows that Trump, Brexit, or whatever other political event you may have disapproved of recently, aren’t doing half the damage to democracy that elite self-righteousness and corruption are. In fact, argues Fuller, there are real reasons to be optimistic. Ancient methods can be combined with modern technology to revitalise democracy and allow the people to truly rule. In Defence of Democracy is a sharp, witty and highly readable response to democracy’s critics, and an energetic contribution to the debate on the future of democracy.

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ISBN: 9781509533138