I Lost My Sock!

I Lost My Sock!

March 14, 2017 | 24 pages

" I lost my sock! says Fox. Have you seen it? " So begins Ox s ridiculous attempts to help Fox find his missing sock. He presents each new option just before the page turn so the reader has a moment to decide for him or herself whether Ox has, in fact, found Fox s sock. At its heart, "I Lost My Sock!" is the story of a funny misunderstanding between friends. But it s also about pattern, color, and shape recognition; comparing and contrasting; and object identification. Mastery of these skills enriches a child s vocabulary, prepares him to understand letters and numbers, and helps him gain a better sense of the world around him. Elio s bold, geometric character designs further reinforce the early math concepts hinted at in this book. "

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ISBN: 9781419723018

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