How to Grow Your Food

How to Grow Your Food

June 8, 2011 | 132 pages

Perplexed by potatoes? Baffled by beans? Confused by courgettes?Home grown food means fresh, organic, tasty meals, less money spent in a supermarket, lower carbon footprint and best of all, fun! But how do you do it?If you've never opened a seed packet before, and want to grow your food but don't know where or when to start, this book is for you. With advice for the new gardener, covering everything from how to plant seeds, when to pull up the carrot and how to harvest potatoes, this book will sort you out - whether you have a balcony, bare concrete, a patio or a larger patch of ground. All the basic info for those who want to grow their own food Advice about growing on balconies, patios or in your back garden Lists over 40 easy-to-grow crops

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ISBN: 9781900322683

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