Hope Matters  

Hope Matters
Book*hug Press | April 24, 2019 | 96 pages

Poetry. Native American Studies. Throughout their youth, Columpa Bobb and Tania Carter wrote poetry with their mother, award-winning author Lee Maracle. The three always dreamed that one day they would write a book together. This book is the result of that dream. The wide-ranging poems in HOPE MATTERS focus on the journey of Indigenous peoples from colonial beginnings to reconciliation. But they also document a very personal journey--that of a mother and her two daughters. Written collaboratively by all three women, HOPE MATTERS offers a blend of three distinct and exciting voices that come together in a shared song of hope and reconciliation. "You need to read this book. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll swear out loud, but mostly you'll be proud of these ladies." --Senator Murray Sinclair "Daughters and mother poetry dances around each other, weaves rhythm and breathes love. The ancestors sing, babies laugh and hope always wins." --Katherena Vermette "I was captivated by each and every one of these extraordinary poems. Each of the poets is utterly unique and yet there is a striking commonality: commonality of blood, of perspective, and most of all, how the immense power of female desire is expressed through the power and dynamism of the natural world." --Judith Thompson

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ISBN: 9781771664974