The Guy in the Green Truck

The Guy in the Green Truck

Fernwood Publishing Co., Ltd. | February 19, 2010 | 176 pages

Spotlighting one man's choice to abandon security for chance, this biographical memoir relates the inspiring story of John St. Amand, who left a promising career as a sociologist?along with handsome health and retirement benefits?to take on the turbulent life of a union organizer. Documenting one of his first campaigns in which he crisscrossed industrial Cape Breton signing up workers to the new Canadian Miner's Union, this narrative recollects how, because of his preferred mode of transportation, he became known as ?the guy in the green truck.” Forming a tribute to a courageous fighter who banished any thoughts of defeat in the face of lost campaigns and worked tirelessly to bring hope and justice to the oppressed and neglected, this exploration portrays Amand's steadfast dedication to all working men and women.

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ISBN: 9781552663240

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