Grow Your Own in Pots

Grow Your Own in Pots

Mitchell Beazley | February 6, 2013 |

Discover the essential techniques to growing more than 60 vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers in containers. With this book you can use the best varieties and techniques to turn the tiniest space into a productive and attractive growing space. Follow 30 tried-and-tested 'recipes' to choose top-tasting combinations such as growing tomato with basil, vegetables that thrive in small spaces, and grow-your-own fruit salads. Discover the essential techniques that every container gardener needs to know, and use the crop directory to find out the best way to grow more than 60 vegetables, fruits, salads, herbs and edible flowers. This is the sixth title in the bestselling Grow Your Own series.

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ISBN: 9781845337179

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