Good Is the New Cool

Good Is the New Cool

Regan Arts. | October 25, 2016 | 272 pages

Good Is the New Cool will revolutionize how companies can position themselves and their brands, exploring a new philanthropy-based business model and the millennial pioneers driving it to entrepreneurial success. Overwhelmingly, surveys and statistics show that millennials—despite having long taken the heat for their seemingly self-centered attitudes—value products from companies with morally justifiable ambitions far more than wasteful or seemingly amoral competitors; and as their influence on the marketplace grows, so too will the need for companies to adapt to their standards. Equal parts self-help, how-to, and business journalism, Good Is the New Cool examines this blossoming brand philosophy and profiles its current supporters. It exposes a compelling new path for potential start-ups or small businesses while reaffirming an essential need for generosity and mindfulness. Companies like Toms shoes and Warby Parker, among others, may have been the architects of this humanitarian brand of capitalism, but Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones are its ambassadors.

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ISBN: 9781682450468

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