Franklin's Lost Ship

Franklin's Lost Ship

HarperCollins Publishers | October 31, 2017 | 224 pages

A beautifully illustrated account of the thrilling expedition that recovered a ship lost to time—now in paperback Since the disastrous and fatal end of the Franklin Expedition nearly seventeen decades ago, the mysterious fate of the ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror has captured the public’s imagination. The Victoria Strait Expedition, the largest effort to find the ships since the 1850s, was led by Parks Canada in partnership with the Arctic Research Foundation, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and other public and private partners. The expedition used world-leading technology in underwater exploration and succeeded with a major find in the summer of 2014—the discovery of the Erebus. News of the discovery made headlines around the world. The excitement and curiosity have only increased since the Erebus’s sister ship, the Terror, was finally located in September 2016. In this fully illustrated book, readers learn about the exciting expedition, the challenging search and the ship’s discovery. Featuring the first images of the Erebus, this stunning book weaves together a story of historical mystery and modern adventure.

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ISBN: 9781443444187

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