June 1, 2019 | 236 pages

A small plane was blown up in an act of sabotage over Northern Quebec, Canada. The incident was quickly analyzed and termed a mechanical failure. The case was closed in a rush. A young actor from Montreal dies in Afghanistan, killed by a missile from a drone. His death opens up wounds and discussions that are not in the public domain. These two seemingly disparate events form the backbone of a compelling contemporary "ideas thriller," set in Montreal's Main district and in the blue-green mountains of Kandahar. Past values, local history, neighborhood myths and intense psychosexual vectors are suddenly on a collision course with the current international context of wars, migration, exile, and terror. In the backdrop is the cold case of the airplane sabotage that occurred over a decade ago. Was the plane crash hushed-up? Why? Three friends from Montreal's Plateau and Mile End districts manage to de-freeze the cold case, burn up the fog, and hell breaks loose, not only in their personal lives, but in their own affiliations.

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ISBN: 9781771861847