Every Inch a Woman  

Every Inch a Woman
UBC Press | February 24, 2020 | 204 pages

What makes the textual image of a woman with a penis so compelling,malleable, and persistent? The phallic woman can be a ribald joke, afantastical impossibility, a masculine usurper, an ultimatelyunthreatening sexual style, an interrogation into the I of the author,or an examination of female culpability. Every Inch a Woman takes noteof a proliferation of phallic feminine figures in disparate NorthAmerican and European texts from the end of the nineteenth centuryonward. Carellin Brooks traces this phallic-woman motif backward to thesexological case study, and forward to newspaper accounts oftestosterone-taking third-sexers. Brooks examines both high and lowliterature, pornography, postmodern theory, and writing.

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ISBN: 9780774812108