Earth Ed: Rethinking Education on a ChangingPlanet

Earth Ed: Rethinking Education on a Changing Planet

Course Codes:  GEOG 4050
Semester:  Winter-2018
Island Press | April 20, 2017 | 391 pages

Today's students will face the unprecedented challenges of a rapidly warming world, including emerging diseases, food shortages, drought, and waterlogged cities. How do we prepare 9.5 billion people for life in the Anthropocene, to thrive in this uncharted and more chaotic future? Answers are being developed in universities, preschools, professional schools, and even prisons around the world. In the latest volume of State of the World, a diverse group of education experts share innovative approaches to teaching and learning in a new era. EarthEd will inspire anyone who wants to prepare students not only for the storms ahead but to become the next generation of sustainability leaders.

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ISBN: 9781610918428


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