Damming the Peace  

Damming the Peace
James Lorimer & Company | April 1, 2018 | 272 pages

Since the 1970s, the Site C Dam in northeastern British Columbia's Peace River Valley has been touted by B.C. Hydro and successive governments as necessary to meet the province's increasing energy needs. With its enormous $10 billion price tag, the dam would be the largest public works project in BC history. It would be the third dam on the Peace River, and destroy traditional unceded territory belonging to Treaty 8 First Nations. Following the last provincial election, the newly appointed NDP government called for a review of the project, but work on the dam continues. This comes after protests by aboriginal groups and landowners, several lawsuits against the government, and federal government intervention to let the dam go ahead. More recently, there has been a call from a United Nations panel to review how the dam will affect Indigenous land. This book presents the independent voices of citizen experts describing every important impact of the dam, including: Sustainable energy expert Guy Dauncey on future energy demand, and whether there is likely to be a need for the dam's electricity An interview with aboriginal activist Helen Knott on the dam's assault on traditional lands and culture, in particular Indigenous women Agrologist Wendy Holm on the farm land impact — prime horticulture land important to food security and nutrition Family physician Warren Bell on the effect that loss of traditional way of life and connection to the land has had on the health of aboriginal people Wildlife biologist Brian Churchill with forty years' experience of studying its land and wildlife Former environmental minister Joan Sawicki on government cover-ups and smoking guns Energy industry watchdog Andrew Nikiforuk on the links between dams, fracking and earthquakes Award-winning broadcaster Rafe Mair on how party politics corrupts political leadership, and the role of activism and civil disobedience in shaping government decision-making David Schindler, one of the world's foremost water ecologists, explains the role dams like Site C will play in Canada's climate change strategy Joyce Nelson connects the dots between the Site C dam and continental water sharing plans

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ISBN: 9781459413160