Cube Squared  

Cube Squared
November 19, 2019 | 255 pages

Cube Squared is the much anticipated follow-up novel from Christian McPherson, picking up where his darkly comic debut, The Cube People, left off. Returning to the seemingly mundane reality of government cubicle culture, McPherson finds more humour in the misadventures of a struggling computer programmer/wannabe writer. Colin MacDonald, a happily married man, owner of a minivan, and the proud father of three kids, is about to face his greatest challenge yet: middle age. By day he is a cubicle-bound civil servant, but by night he is a horror novelist writing the vampire-zombie apocalypse. With the death of his father, a promotion at work, a raging libido and the weight of the world on his shoulders, can our everyman hero rise out of the pits of despair to make sense of his life, which seems to be constantly falling apart? Find out as Colin pursues pedophiles through the park, steals teddy bears, comes dangerously close to an affair with a Jennifer Beals look-alike and deals with the epic failure which sits in his car garage.

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ISBN: 9780889712898