OR Books | October 1, 2019 | 48 pages

A parable about a hapless dad whose life changes when he discovers the wonders of CBD, written in the style of the classic children's bookCDB! (1968). Both a parodic children's book and a "puzzle book," it will delight CBD users, irreverent parents, and anyone curious about or appalled by wellness. CBD: you can't escape the cannabis derivative. Cannabidiol is an omnipresent cureall that has gone from being "voguish" to "a mainstream panacea," as theNew York Times observed ("Why Is CBD Everywhere?" Oct. 27, 2018). And it's a particular favorite of the stroller-pushing crowd endemic to chic-er areas of New York, the Bay Area and other similar urban environs. Comedic and light-hearted, Amy Sohn'sCBD! pokes fun at the national obsession with CBD as well as the legalization of marijuana in many states in America. Though not appropriate for kids (except for really smart and transgressive ones ones), this parody will appeal particularly to parents who have read William Steig's beloved classicCDB! to their kids, or to those Gen X-ers and Boomers who remember it from their own childhood or parenthood. Praise for Amy Sohn: "A little-known event that took place around the time that Richard M. Nixon was resigning as President was the birth of Amy Sohn. . . . Ms. Sohn has emerged as a representative of her generation..." --The New York Times

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ISBN: 9781949017236