Caricature Cartoon Canada

Caricature Cartoon Canada

July 1, 2012 | 96 pages

The idea for this collection came from a conversation I had with the great Russian cartoonist Oleg Dergachov, who now lives in Montreal. Oleg told me of a Moscow cartoonist who, on his deathbed, asked that onea of his favourite cartoons be engraved on his headstone. rather than the usual text. Apparently a group of colleagues now gather annually and toast their former friend over his unique gravestone with a glass of vodka or two.The anecdote poses a question of any cartoonist: What cartoon have you drawn to date that you would most like to be remembered for? So I asked all the political cartoonists now working right across Canada that very question – and then to send me their favourites for this book. This book then is a snapshot of contemporary Canadian concerns and attitudes – some quite controversial – as illustrated through the wit and wisdom of our cartoonists. Given the variety of styles and points of view, this collection is proof that Canadian cartoonists working right across the land are very, very good at what they do. -- Terry Mosher

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ISBN: 9780987831774

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