Canadian Cheese

Canadian Cheese

Firefly Books Limited | September 11, 2014 | 240 pages

The variety and quality of Canadian cheeses has never been so high nor has it been so popular. New handcrafted cheeses continue to emerge to critical acclaim, winning international awards. At the 2013 Global Cheese Awards in England, an aged Lankaaster by Glengarry Cheesemaking in the small town of Lancaster, Ontario was declared "Supreme Global Champion." As Huffington Post put it, "Canada, it's time to celebrate cheese in a big way." This completely revised and updated edition of a cheese-lover's classic does just that. Canadian Cheese: A Guide is a comprehensive reference to some of the newest, best and most popular of them. New and updated sections, content and photographs include: concise tasting notes for 225 artisan cheeses from coast to coast what's on your cheese board - Canadian cheese professionals share their favorites wine and beer pairing suggestions tasting notes for Old World cheeses that have influenced New World Canadian styles cheese ladder of appreciation suggestions: if you like this cheese... try this one how to taste cheese like a pro author and cheesemaker anecdotes useful information on buying and serving cheese. The author shares her insights on such popular cheese topics as raw milk cheese, discerning quality, whether to eat the rind (or not), cheesemaking and ingredients. Canadian Cheese: A Guide promises to add excitement to readers' appetites for cheese. It helps make sense of the many cheeses available at grocery stores, cheese boutiques and fromageries, and helps to break the pattern of buying the same, familiar cheese.

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ISBN: 9781770853621

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