Camino Letters  

Camino Letters
Pyxis Press | July 15, 2010 | 248 pages

When Canadian writer and lawyer Julie Kirkpatrick went for a walk in Spain with her teenaged daughter, she intended it to be a holiday in the fresh air, a break from the hectic routine and endless to-do lists of her law practice, and a chance to catch her breath. Thinking that it would help to pass the time she asked 26 friends to set her a task for each day of the pilgrimage. But the tasks came as unexpected gifts, and what began as a light-hearted diversion soon became a journey into the labyrinth of her life. Guided by her tasks and writing with breathtaking honesty, the author takes the reader on a journey full of surprises and tears and laughter. The Camino Letters tells the story of a woman opening herself to the ever-expanding universe, listening to the music of the journey, walking out loud.

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ISBN: 9780986513404