By Any Means Necessary  

By Any Means Necessary
Page Street Kids | October 8, 2019 | 320 pages

Heart-wrenchingly honest, fans of Brandy Colbert and Nicola Yoon will anticiapte this poignant reflection on what it means to choose yourself. On the day Torrey officially becomes a college freshman, he gets a call that might force him to drop out before he’s even made it through orientation: the bank is foreclosing on the bee farm his Uncle Miles left him. Torrey would love to leave behind the neighborhood that holds so many bad memories, but he can’t let someone gentrify his uncle’s legacy without a fight. For as long as Torrey can remember, it was just him and Uncle Miles tending the farm. Shooting the shit. Uncle Miles met Torrey on his level. You’re worth it, b, he used to say. He tries balancing his old life in L.A. with his new classes, new friends, and (sort of) new boyfriend in San Francisco, but as the farm heads for auction, the pressure of juggling everything threatens to tear him apart. Can he make a choice between his family and his future without sacrificing a part of himself?

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ISBN: 9781624147999