Biscuit for Your Thoughts?

Biscuit for Your Thoughts?

September 9, 2014 | 100 pages

Adorable dog photos paired with pearls of human wisdom that have been reinterpreted through canine eyes Capable of endless energy, unconditional love, and a childlike fascination with the world, dogs have more to teach humans than the other way around. Biscuit for Your Thoughts illustrates this in the most delightful way possible. Each page presents an aphorism every dog lover will understand as well as a lovable, wonderful, and outrageously funny pet portrait. When it comes to facing human dilemmas, maybe it's time to ask, “What would Fido do?” Biscuit for Your Thoughts distills the guiding philosophy of the canine experience, from inspirational thoughts like “Live like someone left the gate open" and “The greatest gifts in life are a warm lap and a wet kiss” to hilarious twists on human classics like “When life closes a door . . . bark until it opens again,” “Live life off the lease,” and “Beauty is in the eye of the treat holder.”

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ISBN: 9781612433578

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