The Best of Social Anarchism

The Best of Social Anarchism

April 1, 2013 | 350 pages

Since 1980, Social Anarchism: A Journal of Theory and Practice has become the premier English-language anarchist periodical and this seminal anthology showcases the finest pieces. Focused equally on both theoretical works and descriptions of contemporary practice, contributions are reviewed by an international board of editors, avoiding the sectarian diatribes that characterize so much of political writing. Notable contributors include Noam Chomsky, Colin Ward, Kingsley Widmer, Murray Bookchin, and Richard Kostelanetz. The anthology has been divided into five major sections, covering theory, practice, education, historical figures, and contemporary voices. Each article in the manuscript has been provided with a summary abstract written by the editors. This collection presents a unique and rewarding perspective on the fresh and vital contributions of anarchism to our current situation, building the new society in the vacant lots of the old.

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ISBN: 9781937276461

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