Beastie Holler Reunion

Beastie Holler Reunion

Clarion Books | July 2, 2013 | 32 pages

It's a beastie family reunion! As the kinfolks gather, the "beasties"—all the children—squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of being together with nothing to do but have fun.As "hungry ogres" with beastie teeth and claws, they hug their relatives, barge into the kitchen and out again, play in the creek, shinny up trees, splash and howl and sass the stuffy neighbors, and resist bedtime but go to sleep happy. Lyrical text and brilliantly goofy illustrations convey the rapturous pleasure of running (a little bit) wild among the people who love them best, even when they're covered with mud.

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ISBN: 9780618158744

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