Art, Space, Ecology  

Art, Space, Ecology
January 15, 2019 | 190 pages

"Art, Space, Ecology: Two Views, Twenty Interviews embraces the international context of today's art making and, through the medium of interviews, encourages readers to engage directly with nature-focused creators and their artistic processes. The twenty artists, though diverse in backgrounds and methods, all produce works that are either embedded in the environment or that document our ever-changing landscapes. In these interviews, Grande explores the motivations that inspire artists to use the natural world as their canvas and how their works explore the intersections of art, space, and the environment, raising questions about our relationship with the landscapes themselves. Among the artists interviewed for the book are Dennis Oppenheim, Alan Sonfist, Rachel Whiteread, and Chris Booth. An engaging introduction by Edward Lucie-Smith, English writer, poet, art critic, curator and broadcaster, sets the stage for these artists to share about the artistic processes of their works."--Provided by publisher.

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ISBN: 9781551646961