Anxiety for Beginners

Anxiety for Beginners

HarperCollins Publishers | May 2, 2017 | 384 pages

When Eleanor Morgan published a first-person account of her struggles with anxiety as part of the online series The VICE Guide to Mental Health, the response was staggering: it was read by five million people in 15 countries within four days. The article prompted tens of thousands of reader responses, and was endorsed by numerous high-profile celebrities, including Caitlin Moran. In Anxiety for Beginners, Morgan digs even deeper, combining her own experiences, rendered in achingly honest, often hilarious detail, with extensive research and input from experts (neuroscientists, psychiatrists, psychologists and fellow sufferers—including some familiar faces). With her brilliant wit and warmth, Morgan not only explores the roots of her own anxiety, but also investigates what might be contributing to the suffering of so many of us around the world. At its heart, Anxiety for Beginners is a book about acceptance, as Morgan uncovers how we can live lives that are not just manageable but enjoyable—by learning to accept anxiety as part of who we are, rather than wasting years being ashamed of it.

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ISBN: 9781443448918

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