Animal Antics

Animal Antics

DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley) | September 23, 2014 | 144 pages

"Kids love animals -- they love the silly, funny and crazy ways they behave, eat, and play. Animal Antics is full of fascinating facts that takes a look at the most engaging, informative, humorous and intriguing aspects of animal behavior including why blue-footed boobies like to dance, why a goose whiffles, or why penguins like to steal food. Using a selection of funny animal pictures from swinging pandas to ninja lizards to weightlifting ants and back-scratching monkeys to frolicking frogs and giraffes doing splits, the reasons behind what these animals do are explained in accompanying, bite-sized informative text that helps young readers understand why animals behave the way they do. With a collection of photography guaranteed to make children laugh out loud, kids will go wild for Animal Antics."--Publisher's website

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ISBN: 9781465434784

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