After the Flood  

After the Flood
FriesenPress | February 26, 2016 | 234 pages

When disaster strikes, the amount of planning done ahead of time will dictate how quickly a system can recover and return to normal. Even the largest and most complex organizations can experience upset and disruption, whether by flood, fire, power failure, earthquake, or anything else that life can throw at us. Resiliency, like any other performance measure, can be designed into businesses, institutions, communities, cities, and even countries. This is a book about implementing that planning before it's too late, and about learning to pick up and get going after a fall. Join Marianne as she explores the world of modern infrastructure technology within the context of a job with real threats, exciting opportunities, and throbbing headaches. With her, we learn what resilience means to a city or company, how to assess hazards and plan for continuity, and how effective system design can reduce the impact of disasters. From the basic concepts and terms to how they fit into real systems, After the Flood is a clear and engaging introduction to resilience planning for students, industry practitioners, or anyone interested in infrastructure, business continuity, and emergency and risk management....

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ISBN: 9781460280300