Act Normal

Act Normal

August 21, 2015 | 304 pages

In his first collection of stories in twenty years, Greg Hollingshead returns with comic new stories about sex, art, and the daily risk of having accidents. A blow to the head in a boating accident increases a woman's intelligence and alters her sexual orientation. A man flees a rural meditation retreat for a highway strip bar, where he falls for a Haitian stripper. An intimate confidant of the Prime Minister of Canada tells a strange story. A woman has her fence taken down by a carpenter who becomes too depressed to build her a new one. A man having an affair with the wife of the British Defense Secretary learns to stop doing foolish things. Act Normal is set in the treacherous terrain of the everyday, as characters do what they can to find love and truth in a broken world.

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ISBN: 9781770899704

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