A Twist of the Knife

A Twist of the Knife

Penguin Canada | March 21, 2017 | 320 pages

Brigid Quinn must confront her deadliest enemy yet: the shadow of her own past. Hardbitten former FBI agent Brigid Quinn is back--and this time, she's on home turf. Brigid has been forced to return to her Florida hometown to answer two very different calls for help. One is from her mother, summoning her to her ill father's hospital bed; the other is from Laura Coleman, the proteg�/colleague who helped her catch the Highway 66 serial killer. Still mentally recovering from their ordeal, Coleman is tirelessly pursuing the acquittal of Marcus Creighton, a death row inmate convicted of murdering his wife and three children. Initially convinced of Creighton's guilt, Brigid starts to reconsider as new evidence comes to light. But the clock is ticking; Creighton's execution is due to happen in a few days. If Creighton is indeed innocent, can they really save him--and draw out the real killer? As if this weren't enough, Brigid must also re-examine childhood truths to which she's clung for years. Just how sick is her father? Will she and her brother Todd ever see eye-to-eye, especially after her revelations about his daughter? And what long-held secret is her mother finally poised to reveal? With so much at stake, Brigid has to draw on every bit of skill, craft, and grit she possesses--especially when danger may be closer to home than she realizes...

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ISBN: 9780143196532

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