A Teacher's Guide to Stick Up for Yourself!  

A Teacher's Guide to Stick Up for Yourself!
Free Spirit Publishing | March 25, 2019 | 136 pages

This teacher's companion to a classic book for kids provides tools for building self-esteem and personal power. Without self-esteem, kids doubt themselves and may turn to unhealthy habits as a way of coping. With self-esteem, kids feel secure, are willing to take positive risks, and are resilient in the face of challenges. This teacher's guide expands the messages of Stick Up for Yourself!, teaching self-confidence and how to be assertive with easy-to-use sessions. Created for the classroom, these sessions can also be used in other group settings including counseling groups, out-of-school programs, community programs, and more. Digital content includes reproducible handouts.

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ISBN: 9781631983252