7th Cousins  

7th Cousins
Book*hug Press | October 24, 2019 |

From July 7th to August 6th, 2015, we walked 700 kilometres, from Pennsylvania to Ontario. A stranger asked if we were walking to learn how to work and be together. This was certainly part of it. In July 2015, Erin Brubacher and Christine Brubaker, two politically left, secular, Canadian women traced the migration route of their Mennonite ancestors by walking from Pennsylvania to Ontario, through the American Bible Belt. Along the way they were hosted by a series of people with whom they had next to nothing in common. They were welcomed into strangers' homes and treated as family. On their journey they encountered folks with religious and political beliefs very different from their own and learned to question what conversations to enter and how far to take them. They accomplished this and so much more while navigating their own relationship and the challenges of being with another person, on foot, for 32 days. 7th Cousins: An Automythograpy documents the walk itself and the performance text they generated afterwards. Included throughout are photo essays from the journey and commentaries from their collaborators Christopher Stanton, Andrea Nann, Kaitlin Hickey and Erum Khan. Praise for 7th Cousins: "Whether you are deeply rooted in your community or have more nomadic leanings, you will find something to empathize with here." --Mooney on Theatre "These two Toronto actresses set out from Brubaker Valley Road, near Brickerville, PA, on July 9. The plan was to retrace their ancestors' route up the Susquehanna River northward through the hills of Pennsylvania, across upstate New York, over the Niagara River and into Ontario. Along the way, it also became an adventure" --The Record

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ISBN: 9781771665469